Covid 19 Safety plan and policies 2020

Social Distancing

Policies have been put into place to provide proper social distancing for employees and customers. Some staff have been sent home to work remotely to keep the number of staff instore distanced properly.

All proper Work Safe signage with distancing has been posted at our entrance.

We will have a separate entrance and exit doors for customers and employees to use.

Lines and circles 2 metres apart have been installed to help separate customers throughout our sales floor.

Plexiglass has been installed at our service and sales counters to protect both customers and employees.

We kindly request customers not to use our bathrooms, enter the service department or any offices. Employee only signage is present.

Cleaning and proper hygiene

Common surfaces are cleaned throughout the day. These include staff room, bathrooms, common phone areas, service, sales parts room counters doorknobs, and handles.

Credit card machines and counters are wiped down after every customer use.

For instore, onsite service and deliveries staff are wearing gloves when engaging with customers and have masks available if required.

We are limiting the number of customers into the store at the same time to 4, and we are supplying hand sanitizer at the entrance as well our sales and service counters for customer use.

All incoming products including desktop and mobile computers for service are being wiped down before entering the store sales and service area.

We have posted a sign at our entrance asking customers that are sick not to enter the store. If a customer is showing symptoms in store or onsite we will be unable to service them.

We thank our customers for their patience and are confident that you can have a safe experience visiting our store!

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